Urban Fog Loyalty Program

Earn Urban Funds, And SAVE, With Our Loyalty Program.

At Urban Fog, we are very excited about having a loyalty program in place that allows us to give back to our loyal customers. Our loyalty program works on a point system, and our points are called ‘Urban Funds’.

Start Spending

What You Need In Order To Be Eligible For Our Loyalty Program

The only requirement is that you have an account with us.
Once you’ve opened an account, you can start spending and start earning Urban Funds!


Join to start
earning points.


Earn points every time
you show or engage.


Redeem points for
exclusive rewards.

How It All Works

Every R1 spent, will earn you 2 Urban Funds
There is no minimum spend required to start earning Urban Funds.
You will earn Urban Funds, regardless of the amount you spend.

Redeeming Urban Funds

You’ll need to have earned a minimum of at least 100 Urban Funds in order to redeem them.
When redeemed, every 20 Urban Funds will equal R1.
When you redeem your Urban Funds, you’ll receive them in the form of a coupon from us.

Spend More & Earn More

You have the opportunity to earn more Urban Funds if you spend over R1500.

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